The History Of Mdvanii Fashion Dolls

Generally created as a fashion doll catered to the adult art enthusiasts, the Mdvanii dolls debuted in London on February 14, 1989. The 25-centimeter doll made of hard resin was created by designers and artists BillyBoy and his life partner Jean Pierre Lestrade who is also known as Lala. It was the first anatomically-correct fashion doll yet the characters are based on a more adult storyline which verges on homosexuality and bi-sexuality. The creation of this doll was fostered by BillBoy’s fascination of antique French fashion and Kamkins dolls that were made by Louise Kampes. He got into the hobby of collecting dolls due to his love of vintage fashion dolls of the early 1970s. He even created dresses and repaints for Barbie dolls when he was a teenager.

In 1983, Mattel got in touch with BillyBoy and asked him to create a line for Barbie with his designs. Mattel then launched the first ever designer series with the designer’s name on the box and it was called “Nouveau Theatre de la Mode Barbie”. His second collaboration with Mattel came up with the series that was entitled “Feelin’ Groovy Barbie” which was launched in 1986.

The Mdvanii dolls originally wore clothes that was tailored with French haute couture and were also originally made in France. Yet in 1997, the clothes were already made in Switzerland. The first doll collection was launched at Liberty & Co. which is a popular department store in London with the blessing of the store’s head fashion accessories buyer Carol Lister and the store’s owner, Richard Stewart Liberty. The dolls were made in limited numbers and there was an exclusive edition made for F.A.O Schwarz.

The dolls were then introduced in New York where its exquisitely adorned masterpieces were priced from $3,000 to a whopping 10,000. Furthermore, 10 doll houses were made which cost $20,000 each. In 1993, BillyBoy ventured into creating porcelain Mdvanii dolls instead of its original resin material. The first porcelain collection of Mdvanii and her friends was made of 15 characters and all were handcrafted in France.

Today, there are several Mdvanii dolls which are included in museum display such as in Musee de Louvre, Musee de la Mode et du Textile, Victoria and Albert Museum and New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. And for Mdvanii fanatics, creations made by other artists who take inspiration of BillBoy’s creation call their art work as “Mdvaniiism” which was believed to describe pieces that evokes glamour through the concept of Mdvanii. Even some dolls also sport a stamp that could say “Mdvaniiism de BillyBoy & Lala, “This Is A Work Of Art”, or Manifesto Mdvaniiism de BillyBoy & Lala”.

How to Use Dolls and Teddy Bears to Create a Positive Influence on the Life of Your Baby

It is not wrong to say that from food to fashion, dolls and bears and their accessories provide a fascinating window to the past, and a record for the future generations to come.

From the evolution of mankind into a human race of civilisation, men and women throughout the many periods have recorded their past events, and expressed their inner feelings and emotions towards things around them in the form of dolls that take many forms. In fact, dolls were one of the early artefacts of expression of mankind, and were fashioned from diverse materials that were easily available from the environment and surroundings. In that sense, dolls were seen to be representative of men, women, children, animals, plants, and even mystical expressions of the thoughts of mankind, throughout the ages, and tell a story of facts and figures, and historical events and in many cases, stories of fantasy and fairytales.

In the same manner, many stories have been created around bears, so that even as young children, we enjoyed stories about Goldilocks and the 3 bears. Bears, though ferocious in nature, have been tempered for good measure into affable beings, so that young children adore them, love them and cherish bears. It is a major reason why young children like to receive teddy bears, because they are cuddly, good to hold and touch, and can be good companions to talk to (even though they do not talk back to you), and many bears from ancient times have become collectibles.

Dolls and bears as toys are educational, firstly because many of them tell a story, and many dolls and bears are fashioned out of a story themselves. Because of GOldilocks and the 3 bears, for example, we have many variations of toy dolls of Goldilocks, and many variations of the 3 bears out in the market. Yet, while many toy dolls of Goldilocks and the 3 bears abound in the toy market, children and adults around the world never get fed up of them or enough of them.

It is with dolls and bears that young parents start to spin stories around them, talking to their babies, and the young baby or in fact gets mesmerised with the stories, and bond with the parents, listening to stories revolving around the dolls and the bears, mixing myth and stories with their toys… and enjoy them!

Dolls can take a life form for itself, even though they are simply fashioned from whatever materials at hand. Take a piece of string or a rope, and a story taler can fashion it into the form of a toy doll. Give a mother some cardboard, and she can draw and cut out the forms of female dolls, and give them simple dresses of a mesh of colors. In the kitchen, the mother can fashion dolls out of flour and dough, and bake them into biscuits, yet these are in the form of dolls as well!

Having a doll or a bear is not a childish thing. In our hearts, many of us have grown to like dolls and bears, and these have a special spot in our hearts. Perhaps that is why we give bears together with flowers on special occasions to the ones we love. The reason we give teddy bears and dolls to children who are sick is that these toys have a special soft spot in our hearts, irrespective of our ages. So to create a positive influence on your children, always relate positive stories involving the dolls and bears to your children, and their imagination will do the rest.

Indeed, someone said, “The study of dolls is the study of mankind”.

With dolls and teddy bears, we can touch the lives of someone today! We can start from our very own children.

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