How the Bratz Have Changed the Doll Industry

Young girls have played with dolls for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years. Children have always had the desire to pretend, it is part of the growth of their minds and how they learn to interact with the world. That is very likely the reason that dolls have had such a prominent part in society for such a long time. But dolls have not always been the same. In the past few years, the entire nature of dolls has begun to change, as can be seen with the Bratz. These Bratz dolls have (perhaps not single-handedly but certainly as a large part of an ongoing process) changed the fundamental role that a doll plays in a girl’s life.

For many years, long before the Bratz were created, dolls existed largely as a way for a girl to pretend to be a mother. A doll was something that had to be cared for. This was their largest and often only role in the girl’s life, a role that continues today in the form of baby dolls and such. These types off dolls are still very popular, particularly among the very young girls, but they have been joined by another breed of doll: the fashion doll.

Fashion dolls are not a new phenomenon by any means. In fact, they have been around for decades. The best-known truly successful entry in the early days of the fashion doll genre was Barbie. Barbie was a new kind of doll, an adult, with much more sophistication than could really be found with baby dolls. Suddenly, a doll was not necessarily something that had to be cared for. Rather than pretending the doll was a child to mother, girls everywhere found Barbie as a new outlet for imagination. She was a teacher, a doctor, an astronaut, a wife, whatever role a girl could dream up, Barbie could fill.

For decades, Barbie reigned as queen over the world of fashion dolls. Her place of supremacy was largely unchallenged, as no one could touch her wholesome image and her sheer flexibility of role. But society began to change, and Barbie was losing her grip. As girls became more and more concerned with fashion and edgy culture at earlier ages, Barbie’s appeal was reduced to younger girls, leaving a large gap open of preteen and early teen girls who were still young enough to like dolls, but considered themselves to be too old for Barbie. It is that gap that the Bratz dolls stepped into.

The Bratz fit the need perfectly. They are edgier, more stylish, and all around more grown up in focus than Barbie. They do not have Barbie’s wholesome charm, but they make up for it by hitting a number of cultural chords within the girls of today. Unlike Barbie, who gives girls a limitless range of imagination, the Bratz dolls are more focused on being one thing: the representation of what every young, fashion-conscious girl wants to become. That is the great key to the success of these dolls. Barbie has tried to keep up, updating her image to appear more trendy and hip, but as yet, she continues to lose ground.

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Collecting New And Trendy Fashion Dolls

The new wave of collectors is younger and they more into collecting dolls for entertainment purposes. The newest dolls to have attracted the younger generation are the Lalaloopsy Dolls which are manufactured by MGA Entertainment. These dolls were used to be called Bitty Buttons and were launched in 2010 before it was renamed. These are rag dolls that are magically sewn from different themed-fabrics and apparels. There were eight characters that were introduced at that time along with three fashion packs for the batch.

Today, there are over 15 characters to choose from plus the addition of the dolls’ 3-inch version which is the Mini Lalaloopsy. The original dolls measure 13 inches tall and 5 inches in width and each comes with its own set of accessories and garments. Each character is sewn from a themed fabric and each of them also has their own house and pet as they live happily in Lalaloopsy Land. The idea behind the Lalaloopsy Dolls is that they are magically sewn to come to life. Aside from the individual dolls, there are also separately sold Lalaloopsy playsets such as the Ferris wheel, bed playset, and tea party set.

Here are some cute characters that have become part in every child’s playtime:

1) Crumbs Sugar Cookie – She is a tea party loving girl who is sweet and loves her pet mouse. Sugar Cookie was sewn from a baker’s apron on the National Cookie Day on December 4. Her set comes with a gingerbread house.

2) Pillow Featherbed – She came to existence on January 3 on the Festival of Sleep Day when she was sewn from an infant’s blanket. Pillow has a pet sheep and she love to take naps. Her house is made of pillows with an alarm clock on top of a roof made of cookies.

3) Peanut Big Top – Peanut has a pet elephant and she came to be from a clown’s costume on April Fool’s Day. Her character as a prankster makes her fun to be with although she is a bit clumsy. Her house is taken after a circus theme with popcorn and a flag on its roof.

4) Spot Splatter Splash – She came to life on International Artist Day in which she was sewn from a painter’s clothes. She has a pet zebra and she likes to paint images with bright colors.

5) Mittens Fluff N’ Stuff – Created on the First Day of Winter on December 21, Mittens was sewn from an Eskimo scarf. She has a pet polar bear and a house made of pretzels and hot cocoa on top of the roof.

Choose your favorite characters and start a new collection today. You may also check their interactive Lalaloopsy Land and meet new characters and check out new accessories in their catalog.

New Fashion Doll Clothes to Bring Your American Girl Or Other 18 Inch Dolls to Life

In the ever-changing world of what is popular among the youth of today, many young girls have found the American Girl Doll or other 18 inch dolls, Bitty Baby or 15 inch doll. to be a friend that they really connect with.The many different varieties of dolls make it easy to find the right friend for your little girl. A friend who likes the same things she does whether it is playing dress up or just hanging out and reading; the fun is endless!

Though the clothing they come with is nice enough, but when it comes to variety or something with a bit more current flair sometimes you must look elsewhere. Whether it is something as simple as a miniskirt outfit or something as colorful as a pop star ensemble knowing where to look not to mention who you can trust makes all the difference.

At times the smallest things are the hardest to find (for example shoes, accessories, and others) and if you do find others at stores they seem to be of poor quality and lacking the style you or your child want. After the disappointment, the time you have lost and the cost of driving, you realize that you know exactly the place to look for that item and know your little girl will love it! Since things change so dramatically with kids; it is nice to know these dolls should continue on for generations to come and even nicer still that if you can not find what you are looking for in the store. There is always another choice that is just a computer click away.

Together with your desire for your child’s happiness and their strong urge for your happiness we can make every American Girls dreams come true.