Free Crochet Doll Dress Patterns

It is always fun finding free crochet doll dress patterns. They are fun to make and can be made up as simple or complex as your skill allows. I have seen patterns from basic little A lined dresses to beautifully detailed ball gowns. All created with yarn and a hook.

Both little girls and grown up gals love the Barbie dolls. The collectors always have an assortment of dolls in need of clothing. While many an afternoon has been passed with a Barbie Doll and a wardrobe. Children are crazy for the doll, especially the Barbie doll and when there is a large wardrobe, their imagination runs at full force.

Being able to crochet helps to save some money in these tight times, as the doll clothes can become very expensive. But if you can find one pattern than you have the beginning of many items. To make different type dresses with the one pattern, use different color yarn. You can lengthen or shorten the pattern. Add sleeves or make the dress sleeveless. All of these changes do not require a lot of work but you can create many different dresses for the wardrobe.

Fashion Doll Crochet

The extensive wardrobe design and the classic touch is not far away from your hands. There are lots of free crochet doll dress patterns available online. For people to start crocheting their own doll dress begin with a basic pattern. This will be a good money-saving technique, and at the same time, it could give your child, a nice little wardrobe for her doll.

Crocheting is fun and relaxing so you will have fun making the dress and your child will have fun playing with them. The internet today has millions of directories holding a Barbie or any other doll pattern you would be interested in. One could get lost just looking through these beautiful patterns.

Start to Your Home Business

Apart from acting as a good way to save money, crocheting them yourself would also be a way to save you money. If you become an expert in making these then you may even be able to start your own business and earn some profits too.

For anyone who thinks of starting a home business, than you will be looking at free patterns and designs. Be careful you do not violate any copyright laws. Many designers do not allow you to sell the items made from their patterns. Doll clothes niche is a fun one but it is far better to design you own pattern than it is to use the free crochet doll patterns. Remember to use the crochet patterns at the discretion of the publisher, as these may very well be copyrighted.

Craft Project – How To Make Fashion Doll Furniture Out Of Plastic Canvas

Do you have a little one who loves to play with 11 1/2″ tall fashion dolls? Does you little one need some new furniture to go along with her dolls? If so, I have an easy to make craft project to share with you today that involves using a skein of acrylic yarn, needle and some 7 count plastic canvas. This project is great for beginners and works up in just one afternoon.

You can make just about any type of fashion doll furniture that you would like by using standard plastic canvas and some yarn. To design your own patterns, simple sketch out what you would like to make on graph paper and then cut out your graph paper and use it as a template.

Supplies Needed:

2 sheets 7 count plastic canvas (clear or a color to match yarn)
1 skein acrylic yarn
plastic canvas sewing needle
sharp scissors

To Make The Chair:

1 seat – 19 holes by 19 holes
2 seat backs – 19 holes by 22 holes high
4 leg pieces – 19 holes by 18 holes high
note – you can leave your leg pieces in a solid block shape or cut them to resemble a block style letter A, the choice is up to you.

Stitching: I did a simple tent stitch but I did it over 3 holes at a time going top to bottom to make vertical rows. I used 4-ply Acrylic yarn. You will first stitch your seat, seat backs and then the legs, leaving all outer edges unfinished. Once done, place the two seat backs wrong sides together and stitch them together using a whip stitch but leave the bottom edge unfinished. Stitch three of the chair leg sections to the seat. Place the seat back and fourth leg section together and whip stitch to the remaining unfinished edge of the seat. Finish up by stitching around the legs and openings so that your chair has no unfinished edges.

To Make The Side Table:

table top – 19 holes by 19 holes squared
8 legs – 3 holes wide by 18 holes tall

Stitching: I simply used a tent stitch and stitched the top of the table and then the eight legs. Once done I stitched all eight legs to my table by joining two leg pieces at each of the table’s corners. After they are attached using a simple whip stitch, just go around and whip stitch all of your unfinished edges. When stitching the pieces together, just envision your standard look side table with a flat top and four legs.

To Make The Accent Rug:

rug piece measures 22 holes by 22 holes squared

Stitching: You can use a tent stitch or a scotch stitch to add texture and interest to the accent rug. Once you decide on the stitch you want to use, work the center first and then finish up by whip stitching around your outer edges. You can leave the edges plain or add a 1/2″ fringe to them, that choice is up to you.

What Are Pullip Fashion Dolls?

Pullip is a fashion doll created in 2003 by Cheonsang Cheonha of South Korea. They are ball jointed dolls (BJD) which means their body is consisted of ball and socket joints giving them more movement and a more realistic appearance. Pullip dolls are uniquely known for their large heads and skinny body form.

The Pullip family consists of 5 members: Pullip, Isul, Taeyang, Dal and Byul. They live in Milano, Italy and each doll has his/her own personality and style.

– Pullip (Korean translation: leaf) is the main member of the Pullip family. She is a very beautiful and popular high school student and is 12 inches tall. She has an outgoing personality and no one compares to her flawless & fantastic fashion style. Her hobbies include scuba diving and performing swing music in a big band. She also involves herself in her high school’s drama club. One of her favorite pastimes is shopping.

– Isul (Korean translation: dew) is Pullip’s baby brother and was introduced to fans in 2011. He is 15 years old and is currently attending classes at a private high school located in San Francisco, California. Isul, like his big sis Pullip, is very attractive and has impeccable taste in clothing. His hobbies include playing soccer and reading books.

-Taeyang (Korean translation: sun) is Pullip’s current boyfriend. He is a handsome, 14 inches tall student studying at the College of Music in Milano. He is a very handsome and passionate guy – probably one of the reasons why Pullip adores him so. He is extremely talented at composing music. In fact, Taeyang’s pieces have been featured in public places. Despite being so young, only 21 years old, most people already consider Taeyang as a professional composer.

-Dal (Korean translation: moon) is Taeyang’s younger sister. She is 13 years old and 10 inches tall. On the outside she appears to be a bit of a firecracker with her pouty lips however she is really quite a sweet and kindhearted girl who loves her big brother dearly. Like most teenagers, she has her own personal blog which she enjoys posting to regularly. Dal blogs about many things like what’s happening at her Korean school in Milano and other teenage girl topics. Dal is also a member of her school’s tennis club which her best friend is a member of as well.

– Byul (Korean translation: star) is Dal’s best friend. She is also 13 years old, 10 inches tall, attends the same school as Dal and is a member of the same tennis club with Dal. Actually, Byul is the assistant manager of the tennis club. Byul has a huge crush on Isul, Pullip’s little brother. Byul daydreams of becoming a beautiful, glowing bride. Maybe someday her dream will come true.

Pullip dolls are so much fun to own. Due to their unique structure and fashion details, they have quite a following of fans who enjoy customizing and photographing their dolls in version poses and location.

If you have never owned a Pullip doll then you cannot imagine who much fun they are to have and collect.