Fashion Dolls for the Sophisticated Collector

There are many types of fashion dolls in the market, they include large toddler-sized; teddy bear sized; and tiny little miniatures. They can be placed in various places, including but not limited to plant shelves; curio cabinets, chest of drawers, dressing tables, and on bedside tables. They are not only collected by the fairer sex but some men actually like collecting them. They come in vintage, contemporary, and modern styles and are based on the following characters:

  • Victorian characters
  • Bride dolls
  • Presidents and their First Ladies
  • Celebrities
  • Movie and TV stars
  • Musicians
  • Disney characters
  • Religious individuals
  • Royalty
  • Goth characters
  • Fairy tale dolls

Barbie Doll

The leader in fashion doll sales, also known as the “Queen of all Fashion Dolls” is the Barbie doll marketed by Mattel as “Teen-age Fashion Model.” Barbie’s are not only a hit with younger collectors but with adults as well. As long as Mattel keeps up with new clothes and accessories collectors of all ages will keep buying them.

Ruth Handler (co-founder of Mattel), whose daughter was called Barbara invented the Barbie in 1959. Barbie was intended to be a teenager. Barbie’s figure created a controversy when it was realized that if she was a real person her measurements would be 36-18-38. She introduced the Ken doll in 1961. He was named after her son.

Bratz Dolls

The Bratz dolls are manufactured by MEGA Entertainment. The Bratz motto is “The Girls with a Passion for Fashion!” Bratz were created to look like teenagers with long hair, large heads and skinny bodies, almond shaped eyes with eye shadow, and glossy lips. There are 4 types of Bratz:

  • Cole – A.K.A. “Angel”
  • Jade – A.K.A. “Kool Kat”
  • Sasha – A.K.A. “Bunny Boo”
  • Yasmin – A.K.A. “Pretty Princess”

Other Bratz

  • Bratz Boyz Cameron
  • Bratz Boyz Dylan
  • Bratz Anniversary Doll Joelle
  • Bratz Anniversary Doll Ashby
  • Bratz Anniversary Doll Tyla
  • Bratz Anniversary Doll Shadi
  • Bratz Anniversary Doll Adri
  • Bratz Anniversary Doll Liliana
  • Bratz Anniversary Doll Carrie
  • Bratz Anniversary Doll Shara
  • Bratz Anniversary Doll Leora
  • Bratz Anniversary Doll Lydia

High School Musical Fashion Dolls

High School Musical is hot as are all of their products including the High School Musical Fashion Dolls. The Disney High School Musical movies are based around the lives of several high school students that attend East High School. The High School Musical cast includes the following:

  • Gabriella
  • Troy
  • Sharpay
  • Chad
  • Taylor
  • Ryan

Monster High Dolls

Monster High toys were unveiled by Mattel during the summer time of 2010 and developed into must-have toys for many adolescent girls. Mattel has unveiled a total of six dolls:

  • Draculaura, daughter of Count Dracula
  • Laguna Blue, a child of the Sea Monster
  • Clawdeen Wolf, little girl of the Werewolf
  • Frankie Stein, the little girl of Frankenstein
  • Cleo De Nile, daughter of the mummy
  • Deuce Gorgon, boy of Medusa

Knowing where to find them at reasonable prices will make a big difference in your collecting budget. They can be found in a wide range of places. They can be found online, in supermarkets, children’s toy stores, and in big box stores like Wal-Mart and Kmart.

A true collector will want to keep in mind that it’s not necessarily the number of them in their collection that counts but the quality of their collection that makes the difference.

Marketing in the Competitive Doll Market

These days everyone and every company is trying to make a buck, so the market for almost anything that makes money is highly competitive. The children’s toy market, and especially the doll market, is no exception. There is one innovative new company that has not been afraid to tackle the highly competitive toy market. In fact they have been rather successful at it. I’m talking about SpinMaster. This is the company that has brought us Bakugan, TechDecks, and the Liv Fashion Dolls.

Today we are going to focus on some smart moves they made, when marketing the new liv dolls. First thing they did, was take a business model that already worked. Girls enjoy dressing up and playing with fashion dolls. Plan A, take a proven business model and make it a little better. The liv dolls are like normal fashion dolls with outfits and accessories. But they took it up a notch by trying to make them more life like.

Some things that make the liv girls more realistic are their pose able limbs. Their arms and legs can move and bend in a realistic way. Their eyes are made of glass, which gives them a little edge on the normal plastic or painted doll eyes. An innovation that is unique to these toys is the use of the interchangeable wigs. Girls can have as many hairstyles and colors as they want without messing up their new toy. They can even cut the hair, because if it doesn’t turn out right, the doll won’t be ruined.

Another smart innovation is the use of Liv World, which is an online virtual world, where doll owners can visit by entering a secret code that comes with each liv toy. This virtual world, has games and music and videos, which give background info on each individual character and also points out their likes and interests and even their flaws. Which is a selling point when making the dolls more life like.

Next they started introducing accessories in waves. The first wave just introduced the new dolls. The second wave included a puppy with each doll. Girls love puppies and by adding the liv puppies, a whole new dimension is added to the world of liv. But the minds at SpinMaster aren’t stopping there. They also have big plans for this fall, with a collection just in time for the Christmas shopping season. The fall collection will include an brand new doll named Hayden who comes with a pet bunny. It will also include some much wanted accessories, such as a horse, a drum set, a bmx bike, a mall kiosk, a karaoke machine, and more.

By making sure that the original product is something that already sells, and then improving on it, a new doll line was able to infiltrate the already saturated market. By slowly adding accessories and new components in waves, kids and parents aren’t overwhelmed with all of the choices. Yet, a study stream of new purchases will trickle in. Liv dolls are a smart toy introduced by a smart company.

High School Musical Fashion Dolls Toy Review

If you have kids like I do and you don’t live under a rock then you have most likely heard of the latest phenomenon: Disney’s High School Musical. If you haven’t chances are that your children have but just in case here is a quick run down. This is based around the lives of several high school students that attend East High School. Some of the characters include Troy, the basketball star, Gabriella, the math whiz and then there’s stuck-up Sharpay, to name a few.

The first High School Musical was released in 2006, since then it has become an international event. The third movie which is due to be released in the fall of 2008 follows the students in their senior year and is sure to be as much as a success as its earlier counterparts. Children everywhere want to collect the merchandise of their favorite characters, and your kids are probably no exception.

If your daughter loves High School Musical, I know mine does, then a great gift this holiday season is a set of the High School Musical Fashion Dolls. The High School Musical Fashion Dolls are modeled after the movies favorite characters. The Fashion Dolls include:

  • Gabriella – This lovable High School Musical Fashion Doll comes with one of the outfits Gabriella wears in High School Musical 2, and an outfit made for a day at the beach
  • Troy – This version includes an outfit Troy wears in the movie as well as a pair shorts, tank top and flip flops for a day at the beach
  • Sharpay – Just like the other High School Musical Fashion Dolls, Sharpay includes an outfit the Sharpay character wore in the film as well as a trendy purse and a beach outfit like the others
  • Chad – Like the other Dolls, Chad’s doll includes an outfit similar to the one featured as well as stylish board shorts for the beach
  • Taylor – Like the other Dolls, Taylor includes an outfit that Taylor wore in the movie and a bathing suit for the beach
  • Ryan -Just as the other Dolls, Ryan’s doll includes an outfit from the movie and an outfit for the beach

There are six dolls in total, why not get your daughter all six for the holiday? She will be thrilled to receive the High School Musical Fashion Dolls and can spend hours recreating her favorite scenes straight from the movies from the comfort of your home. So why not inspire her imagination and give her the gift that keeps on giving. Who knows you might just end up the coolest parent on the block!